SSM Health Web Design

View my beginning work as a web design intern.

Website for Commit to be Fit Health Program

August 2016-January 2017

Research: Gathered information on user needs from prospective website. Contacted creator of program, marketing team, and dietitians to gain a well-rounded description of expectations.

Design: Drew up a wireframe for approval. Then, created a functional prototype for user feedback.

Link to prototype: InVision SSM Health Prototype

Web Dev Intern

Testing/User Feedback: Presented prototype to leaders and members of program to gain feedback for revision.

Notable feedback from members:

  • “How will we have access to events?”
  • “Will there be a schedule showing us when meetings are?”
  • “Will our personal information be displayed”

Notable feedback from leaders:

  • “How much is work will the login feature acquire?”
  • “Can we add a bio of each leader of the program?”
  • “Will there be a mobile version available?”

Further Design: Created a digital mobile wireframe.












Final Product: Hard coded a website for use with HTML/CSS. However, upkeep of site through coding was not ideal for SSM Health. Once internship ended, SSM Health switched to a website build through GoDaddy services.

Additional Skills Utilized:

  • Branding Development
  • Logo design