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Senior Living Website Prototype

Overview: Created a website prototype on InVision. The images were designed by others within GlynnDevins and the prototype was later presented to the clients.

Final Product: Here are images and links of the prototypes in desktop and mobile versions.

Link to Desktop Prototype

Link to Mobile Prototype

Exploring Sketch

Overview: Given the task to experiment in Sketch and redesign a senior living website.

Created two basic wire frames and prototype with hot spots and drop downs.

Final Product:

SSM Health Prototypes

Website for Commit to be Fit Health Program


August 2016-January 2017

Research: Gathered information on user needs from prospective website. Contacted creator of program, marketing team, and dietitians to gain a well-rounded description of expectations.

Design: Drew up a wireframe for approval. Then, created a functional prototype for user feedback.

Link to prototype: InVision SSM Health Prototype

Web Dev Intern

Testing/User Feedback: Presented prototype to leaders and members of program to gain feedback for revision.

Notable feedback from members:

  • “How will we have access to events?”
  • “Will there be a schedule showing us when meetings are?”
  • “Will our personal information be displayed”

Notable feedback from leaders:

  • “How much is work will the login feature acquire?”
  • “Can we add a bio of each leader of the program?”
  • “Will there be a mobile version available?”

Further Design: Created a digital mobile wireframe.


Final Product: Hard coded a website for use with HTML/CSS. However, upkeep of site through coding was not ideal for SSM Health. Once internship ended, SSM Health switched to a website build through GoDaddy services.

Additional Skills Utilized:

  • Branding Development
  • Logo design

Blue Cross and Blue Shield Prototypes

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BlueKC Innovation Competition


Overview: Competed within a company innovation competition with one other intern. Given only 3-4 days to research, wireframe, prototype and create presentation. Won 2nd place and presented to the Executive leadership team.

Product idea: Create a dashboard that gave users easier access to their own healthcare data.

Reviewed all of BlueKC’s current technologies that connect with users’ information. This included BlueKC’s member portal. Also, looked over what vendors would help implement the dashboard. Brainstormed what users need in terms of their healthcare data. Brainstorm notes below.

Designed a prototype on InVision to present in competition.

Blue&You Dashboard

Final Product/Presentation: Produced a PowerPoint presentation that described the need, the implementation, the design, and the benefits of Blue & You Dashboard.

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Redesigned Training Program


Overview: Collaborated with my manager, Shawn Hartman, to redesign the IT Training program. The training program at BlueKC had very little involvement or supervision. Thus, the main goal was to create something that would peak employee interest and collect training data.

Product: Created an internal SharePoint site for employees. This site introduced the redesigned IT Training Program and gave employees access to training tools.

Research: Reviewed BlueKC’s current training program and the tools employees had access to.

Evaluated the overall training program and tools. Produced a PowerPoint Presentation of evaluation

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Design– Created basic wireframes for what a Training site could look like. First wireframe was a more employee specific portal, while the second wireframe was a more general site for BCBS employees.

Next, I created a prototype for both wireframes.

The goal of this site was to be able to build it in SharePoint, so a login portal for each employee was not attainable. The second prototype was chosen for first testing.

Link to prototype: General Training Site

Testing: Presented presentation and prototype to Chief Technology Officer at BCBS. This gained employee feedback. After, I also tested on random employees within BCBS. Notes below.

Final Product: Created a SharePoint site that encompassed the redesigned training program. This site was accessible to all employees at BCBS.

Blue Connect Mobile App

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.09.22 PM

Overview: Competed with fellow intern groups to create something that would keep BlueKC on the leading edge of technology within the healthcare business. Given 4 days to complete project and present.

Product: Created a mobile app that helped users connect with their health data, in-network facilities and physicians, and gain better access to medical attention.

Team Strengths: Back end developer: Kyle Eisenbarger, Vendor Consultant: Zach Logback, UX developer: Elicia Reuscher

User research– Reviewed all of BlueKC’s current technologies that connect with the user’s information. This included the BlueKC’s member portal and one mobile application.

Design– Created basic wireframe.

Designed a prototype: BlueConnect App

Testing: Allowed many BCBS employees to play around with the prototype on their mobile devices.

Final Product: Gave a PowerPoint presentation with our user research, possible implementation, and prototype of Blue Connect.  PowerPoint Presentation