Blue & You Dashboard

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BlueKC’s Buildit Competition

Overview: Competed within a company innovation competition with one other intern. Given only 3-4 days to research, wire frame, prototype and create presentation. Won 2nd place and presented to the Executive leadership team.

Product idea: Create a dashboard that gave users easier access to their own healthcare data.

Reviewed all of BlueKC’s current technologies that connect with users’ information. This included BlueKC’s member portal. Also, looked over what vendors would help implement the dashboard. Brainstormed what users need in terms of their healthcare data. Brainstorm notes below.



Mocked up a basic wire frame.


Designed a prototype on InVision to present in competition.

Blue&You Dashboard


Final Product/Presentation: Produced a PowerPoint presentation that described the need, the implementation, the design, and the benefits of Blue & You Dashboard.

Full PowerPoint Presentation

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 12.15.31 PM