Blue Connect Mobile App

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Blue Connect Mobile App

Overview: Competed with fellow intern groups to create something that would keep BlueKC on the leading edge of technology within the healthcare business. Given 4 days to complete project and present.

Product: Created a mobile app that helped users connect with their health data, in-network facilities and physicians, and gain better access to medical attention.

Team Strengths:

Back end developer: Kyle Eisenbarger, Vendor Consultant: Zach Logback, UX developer: Elicia Reuscher

User research– Reviewed all of BlueKC’s current technologies that connect with the user’s information. This included the BlueKC’s member portal and one mobile application.

Design– Created basic wireframe.


Designed a prototype: BlueConnect App

Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 3.09.22 PM

Testing: Allowed many BCBS employees to play around with the prototype on their mobile devices.

Final Product: Gave a PowerPoint presentation with our user research, possible implementation, and prototype of Blue Connect.

PowerPoint Presentation