GlynnDevin Digital Projects

Join me on my journey through the senior living ad industry.

Projects from June 2018-August 2018

Revitalized Paid Media Landing Pages

Overview: Revamped paid media landing page templates by creating full width, vibrant, and interactive pages while keeping costs low. These templates included single and multi senior living communities.


Evaluated current templates by reviewing cost or time that goes into making the templates go live. Concluded that the new landing pages needed to be full width and more interactive. Image below is of past landing page template.


Created three prototypes on a landing page software called Unbounce. Each template was also shown as a live landing page for a senior living community called Edgemere.

Testing: Presented template prototypes to team. It was decided to add more interactivity and engagement.

Final Product: Presented templates that increased interactivity by adding light boxes for floor plans or different communities and a video background. Furthermore, added more buttons that led directly back to form. These added sections increased engagement but also kept costs low. Created documentation for digital production team to follow when updating templates.

Documentation for Landing Page Templates

Senior Living Website Prototype

Overview: Created a website prototype on InVision. The images were designed by others within GlynnDevins and the prototype was later presented to the clients.

Final Product: Here are images and links of the prototypes in desktop and mobile versions.

Link to Desktop Prototype

Link to Mobile Prototype

Exploring Sketch

Overview: Given the task to experiment in Sketch and redesign a senior living website.

Created two basic wire frames and prototype with hot spots and drop downs.

Final Product:

Redesigning Home Page Templates

Overview: Asked to create varying website templates that included different footer and navigation structures.

In InVision Studio, developed 6 templates for varying navigations and footers.

Final Product: